Speech, language and communication skills underpin all learning. Ofsted has highlighted problems with speech, language and communication as one of the main barriers to attainment.

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Would your school benefit from:

  • Formal assessment of all new-starters to provide a baseline across the year, and to identify specific areas of need?
  • Direct intervention for individual children or groups of children who require specialist support?
  • Advice and resources to promote the development of speech, language and communication skills throughout the school?
  • Liaison with staff and advice on adapting the environment to support specific communication needs so that children with SLCN can best access the curriculum?
  • Specifically designed training for individual members of staff or staff groups?

Children's early communication skills are regarded as the single best predictor of future cognitive skills and school performance.

Children who have speech, language and communication difficulties are significantly disadvantaged in their ability to access the national curriculum.

Target Areas

  • Attention and listening
  • Auditory memory
  • Verbal comprehension and auditory processing
  • Vocabulary and word-finding
  • Understanding and use of grammatical rules
  • Production or use of specific sounds
  • Social skills
  • Fluency
  • Phonological awareness

What I can offer:

    Standard Sessions: Assessments/ Therapy/ Advice
  • Per half day
  • £300
  • Per full day
  • £500
    Training Sessions
  • Per half day
  • £300
  • Per full day
  • £500
Fees for half-term and full-term contracts available on request.
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If you feel I may be able to help your school, please don't hesitate to contact me.