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Testimonials: "The difference has been unbelievable!" "Joe took to Sandra like a duck to water" No waiting list "Very highly recommended!" "There's no stopping him now" Don't hesitate to contact me

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I got in touch with Sandra after feeling extremely let down by the NHS Speech Therapy Service. My son, Joe, 5, was extremely shy, quiet and had no confidence. Not so much at home but extremely so at school: not making any conversation with teachers only answering yes and no. I myself struggled to understand him: having to ask him to repeat things, show me etc. From day 1 of Sandra meeting Joe the difference has been unbelievable. Joe took to Sandra like a duck to water, something I would never have imagined him doing after him only ever making conversation with me, his dad and nanna. Joe has been seeing Sandra now for around 4 to 5 months. He's not long started Year 1, talks to his teachers and says things I never imagined he would. There's no stopping him now and our family could never thank her enough. Very highly recommended!
- Parent of Joe, age 5

Many thanks for the info. We will practice the techniques you've suggested at home. Hopefully we can replicate the success you've had in school with him. - Parent of Harry, age 10

Thanks so much for all your help and support Sandra. We really appreciate it. - Parent of Emma, age 2

Thanks so much for the excellent idea sheets. I've been trying out some of the techniques today. - Parent of Ellie, age 2

Thank you very much for your all your help over the past few months. I know that Tom"s confidence has improved as a result of your sessions. - Parent of Tom, age 10

My daughter has ASD, and is classed as non verbal, however with Sandra's help my daughter is saying lots of words, coming out with phrases and surprising us all constantly, even singing songs. We can't thank Sandra enough for how she has helped our family. Sandra always goes above and beyond, even attending a nursery with me when I had a tough decision of where would best suit her needs, I would have been lost without her valuable input. My daughter really loves seeing Sandra and has big smiles for her when she sees her, Sandra comes up with fantastic ideas that are tailored around my daughter's interests which makes it so much fun for her. I couldn't recommend Sandra enough, she is fantastic! - Parent of Sophie, age 3

I referred my 8 year old daughter for help with a mild speech difficulty. Sandra has a skill of understanding the individual child very quickly and targeting specifically what the child needs help with. She’s very good at not overwhelming the child or parent with work to practice, therefore making it fit into everyday life. We saw the benefits from her interventions over a full school term combined with support from school and home. We now have the knowledge and confidence support our daughter independently thanks to Sandra’s work. Thank you for all your input. - Parent of Amy, age 8

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