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Children can be assessed at home, school or nursery and it is helpful for a quiet space to be available, where the child will not be easily distracted.

During an assessment session a detailed case history is taken and parents are given the opportunity to discuss their concerns.

The child's speech and language skills will then be assessed either formally or informally depending on their age and the nature of their problem.

The results of the assessment will be discussed with the parents (or staff, with the agreement of parents) and a decision made as to whether further assessment, or a period of therapy, is necessary.

Parents and staff will be advised on the best way to support the child's speech and language development and may be given specific activities to do with the child, if it is appropriate.

Parents will be provided with a short report summarising the results of the assessment. An assessment session will last approximately an hour.


If a period of therapy is indicated, it will usually be on a weekly basis, for approximately 30 minutes.

The number of proposed therapy sessions will be discussed following assessment but this can be reviewed at any time.

Again, a quiet space is beneficial so that I have the child's full attention.

At the end of each session I will discuss progress with parents or staff and give advice and activities to try before the next session.

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If you feel I may be able to help your child, school or nursery, please don't hesitate to contact me.